At BHCC, we promote family-‐centered care, with comfortable VIP suites and caring, experienced professionals. Your health care needs will vary throughout your life. BHCC Obstetrics and Gynecology is dedicated to delivering Comprehensive health care for Women in all stages of life. From routine well--‐woman care, to pregnancy and prenatal care, to gynecologic concerns, our focus is providing you with the best health care available. Our obstetricians and gynecologists, certified nurse midwives and women’s health nurse practitioners work closely together as a team, drawing on each other’s expertise. Our women staff will also help You through your procedures. From simple to complex issues, you will be well taken care of, all in one place. Pain Management BHCC offers many options for managing the pain of labor. Using breathing and relaxation techniques directed by the nursing staff, decreasing anxiety and pain. Medications are also available, as well as epidural analgesia. Cesarean Section Some of our mothers will deliver by Cesarean section. At BHCC, we are proud to boast that we have one of the lowest Cesarean section rates in Afghanistan. There are two operating rooms contained in Labor & Delivery and staffed round the clock for any emergencies. A team of medical professionals can be mobilized in minutes to perform an emergency Cesarean section if necessary. Skin---to---Skin As your baby is delivered, your doctor or midwife will place your baby directly on your chest. This is called skin--‐to--‐skin contact and is so important to help your baby adapt to life outside the womb. Skin--‐to--‐skin contact helps regulate your baby’s temperature, glucose level and promotes Bonding and breastfeeding.

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We are unique facility that offers comprehensive diagnosis and management of the entire scope involving female reproductive organs we passionately facilitate all stages women’s lifespan, birth, adolescent, motherhood, menopause and beyond.


Antenatal care

             Pre conception counseling

             Antenatal classes

             Fetal monitoring

             Screening for malformation

             Lobor analgesia

             Management of high risk pregnancy

             Recurrent pregnancy loss

             Ectopic pregnancies


Management of male and female primary and secondary infertility.

PRP for O- shot

PRP for low thickness of endometrium  


Family planning:

             IUCD

             Injectable

             Tablets

             Implants

Pap smear test sample

Endometrial biopsy


a.            Normal vaginal delivery

b.            Assisted vaginal delivery

c.             D & C

d.            E &C

e.            Uterine cerculage

f.             Caesarean section

g.            Tubal ligation

h.            Ovarian cystectomy

i.              Laparotomy for ectopic pregnancy

j.             Hysterectomy abdominal

k.            Hysterectomy vaginal

l.              Myomectomy

m.           Polypectopmy

n.            Colporrhaphy Anterior

o.            Colporrhaphy posterior

p.            Vaginal laceration

q.            Diagnostic laparoscopy

r.             Hysteroscopy