Pharmacy & Medicine

Our Pharmacy is open 24 hours a day, offering standard drugs approved by the hospital drugs committee. Following our vision and mission, BHCC ensures that life-‐‐saving medicines are available for our patients and those who look for quality pharmacy services. We take special care with medicine stocks and ensure that we dispose of all expired stock. We also ensure that all medicines are available and up to standard stock level in order to avoid any inconvenience of shortages. We ensure that all medicines are issued under the doctor’s specific prescription. In addition, at Blossom, we make certain that our medications are from top manufacturers and quality driven. Companies such as Bayer, Pfizer, Astra-‐‐Zeneca, Abbott Laboratories, and other international and American drug manufacturers are suppliers for our medicines. This ensures that the efficacy and safety for our patients is in every tablet and leads to appropriate care.

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