Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

Procedures which we are performing in Blossom Hospital 

1, Myringotomy + Grommets insertion
2, Tympanoplasty 
3, myringoplasty 
4, mastoid exploration (cortical and radical)
5, Facial Nerve decompression


1, FESS( functional endoscopic sinus surgery Rhinoplasty)
2, endoscopic septoplasty 
3, Denker procedure 
4, Angiofibroma Excision 
5, Maxillectomy 
6, Endoscopic Optic nerve decompression 
7, Endoscopic CSF repair 
8, Fracture Nasal Bone manipulation

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1, Thyroidectomy ( Total , Hemi, lobectomy)
2 , Total Laryngectomy 
3, Neck Dissection
4, Sistrunk operation 
5, sub mondibular Gland excision 
6 , Protidectomy
7 , Glossectomy + Neck dissection 
8, CTR ( Cricotracheal resection and end to end anastomoses for Tracheal stenosis patients 
9, Tracheostomy 
10, Ranula Excision and marsupialization



1, Adenotonsillectomy 
2, Tonsillectomy 
3, UPPP for Sleep Apnea syndrome 
4, Video bronchoscopy for diagnostic and foreign bodies removal 
5, D/L biopsy 
6, Rigid Eosophagoscopy for foreign bodies removal 
7, Micro-laryngeal surgery 
8, Thyroplasty