The laboratory services are provided in well equipped, highly automated and professionally run facilities. Routine diagnostic services are provided by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified staff and are responsible for the day-‐‐to-‐‐day analytical activities of the laboratory. Exemplary Laboratory Capabilities: Biochemistry Blood Bank Cardiopulmonary Clinical Pathology Electrocardiogram (ECG) Echocardiography Endoscope Hematology Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) Microbiology PCR Testing Serology Special Chemistry Other Biochemistry & Diagnostic Testing Services: FBS Cholesterol Creatinine Electrolyte Triglyceride Magnesium HDL LDL CPK CKMB HbA1C LDH Uric Acid Lipase Calcium SGPT Total protein Alkaline ESF protein Bilirubin total Bilirubin direct Bilirubin indirect Albumin A/G ratio Urea Other