CEO message

At Blossom, we are committed to providing high quality medical care for the local community and international foreign personnel. We operate an acute care hospital in Shahr-­‐e-­‐Naw Kabul Afghanistan, specializing in General Surgery, Women’s Health, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, ENT and General Medicine. As a relief organization, Blossom Health Care Center treats over 1,200 patients per month free of charge. Medical services include physician consultations, diagnostics and surgical procedures and prescription medication. Our medical staff includes skilled physicians, nurses and medical technicians dedicated to helping patient’s recovery quickly. Blossom’s hospital is equipped with some of the most advanced medical technology available in the medical field. These tools not only help our physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions with better precision, but also provide quality healthcare within the country for our patients. At Blossom, we strive to provide patients with excellent service, convenience and comfort, which is why we offer single patient rooms, wireless internet access and telemedicine capability. Most importantly we are here to help you recover completely. I welcome the opportunity to serve you and I invite you to make Blossom Health Care Center your provider of choice. Sincerely.

Mansoor Mullahkhel

General Director of Blossom Heatlh Care Center


To create a premier family centered healthcare organization that provides highest quality care with diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, to help the patient from birth thru adult age, with compassionate healing, as if part of our own family. Our Vision is in our slogan, “Health for Life!”


• To respond quickly and safely to save lives • To reduce anxiety, pain and suffering • To provide international standards of care • To heal and provide comfort thru quality healthcare